Detroit Election Confusion

 Kerry Bentivolio and Nancy Cassis

The district 11 GOP primaries in suburban Detroit was handily won by the only person listed on the ballot, Kerry Bentivolio, a 60 year-old rancher and veteran, after a EPIC-MRA poll showed him lagging far behind write-in candidate, and former state senator, Nancy Cassis.

Polling, released six days before the election by the Detroit Free Press, had asked the question, “In the Republican primary for the 11th Congressional District, only one name appears on the ballot, Kerry Bentivolio, but Nancy Cassis is running as a write-in candidate. Knowing this, would you vote for Bentivolio or write in Cassis’ name?”

The polling came back with Cassis ahead of Bentivolio 52-36, leaving 12 percent undecided.

“It” tracking from PoliticIt had conflicting data with the traditional polling by already predicting Bentivolio in the lead with an “It” score of 64 to his opponent Cassis at 36 — a safe margin to predict a victory for Bentivolio.

Bentivolio defied traditional polling and defeated Cassis, taking 65.5 percent of the vote — a win for the rancher and PoliticIt’s big data prediction.

It is important to note that by supplying information, the write-in candidates name, the poll was skewing what would be basis of knowledge for a voter. It was polling voters who were given an additional option of a write-in candidate without regard to the general voting populations awareness of the choice.

Our algorithms do not have this sort of information bias, we are not asking questions [that might influence the outcome], we are actively finding what the basis of knowledge is and making better predictions for it.

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