Did Romney’s Tax Return Help or Hurt his Campaign?

Mainstream media on both sides of river have been spouting reactions to the publishing of Mitt Romney’s tax records. Conservatives are saying he is using transparency as a club whereas liberals are emphasizing his income and how little he paid in taxes. Putting mainstream media aside how did the public react to Mitt Romney’s tax records? Let’s take a look at Twitter.
The graph below shows the number of Tweets about Mitt Romney from January 19 to January 25. 

Notice how there was a surge in conversation on the 25th.  This activity was the public’s reaction to the release of Mitt Romney’s tax records.  Now that we’ve seen people noticiabley react to Romney’s release, the question remains: Was this explosion of chatter positive or negative?

The graph below illustrates the overall tone of these conversations regarding Mitt Romney.

Notice how there is an obvious negative reaction to the release of the tax records. 
Twitter users seem to be displeased with the release of Romney’s tax records. Some skeptics my say that this doesn’t matter because Twitter users don’t make up the voting population, eluding to the notion that only young people use Twitter.
This is simply not true. Below is a graph showing the 2008 voting age demographics against the age demographics of Twitter and Facebook users.  Notice the overlap.

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