Dozens of Brazil politicians accused in Petrobras scandal

Picture of Paulo Roberto Costa, then director of Brazil's oil company Petrobras, on December 19, 2005 in Rio de JaneiroA detained former director of Brazil’s Petrobras has named dozens of lawmakers and senior officials said to have received kickbacks from the state-run oil giant, in revelations which could damage President Dilma Rousseff as she seeks re-election next month. The allegations, detailed in major Brazilian newspapers Saturday and reported to be part of a scandal involving as much as $4.5 billion, come with Rousseff battling to regain the initiative from environmentalist Marina Silva, whom polls see as winning an October 26 run-off vote. Campaigning in Sao Paulo, Rousseff refused to speculate on the claims of kickbacks, saying: “I would like to know just what information has been provided” to federal police, who had no immediate comment. Folha de Sao Paulo reported 49 deputies, 12 senators and several state governors were involved, while Globo daily linked at least 25 lawmakers to the scam, with the parties of both Rousseff and Silva implicated.

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