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Amid Benghazi information flowing in a slow “drip, drip, drip,” Joseph Curl, Washington Times columnist and an editor of The Drudge Report, predicted Sunday that the Obama administration would redouble their defense. “Democrats will continue grasping at straws,” forecast Curl.

Curl wasn’t wearing his Drudge Report hat when he concluded the recent release of analytic reports from the bipartisan Senate Select Committee, whose members investigated the events surrounding the Sept. 11, 2012 attack in Libya, deserved more from him than a mere headline. Unlike Matt Drudge, the founder of Drudge, Curl is a long-time journalist who covered Washington for more than ten years.

Curl writes. Lately Matt confines his writing to mostly tweets. Matt recently blasted American citizens on his own Twitter page, shaming ‘free people’ for allowing NSA to spy on them. His tweet was a primal cry for revolt in 140 characters.

In Curl’s opinion, to “get to the bottom of what top Obama officials knew and when they knew it,” would require a narrow focus — a thorough examination scrutinizing those who should be held accountable. He added, “Hillary Rodham Clinton should be front and center of the probes.”

via Drudge Report editor on Benghazi: ‘Democrats will continue grasping at straws’ – National Political Transcripts | Examiner.com.

John D. Johnson

John D. Johnson

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John D. Johnson


Dr. Johnson is co-founder of @FNC_inc, @Politicit, @redbirdmetrics and professor at USU. I tweet about social media, #bigdata, and politics.
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John D. Johnson
John D. Johnson
John D. Johnson

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