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In Egypt, authoritarian society dies hard.

By Patrycja Sasnal,
February 11, 2014

“Three years ago Hosni Mubarak stepped down as the president of Egypt, but the Egyptian society still strangely resembles that of his times.

Mubarak, like a weed, grew back because the roots of an authoritarian society are still firmly in the ground.”

In his brilliant book of 2009, What’s Really Wrong with the Middle East, Brian Whitaker, British journalist and former Middle East Editor of the Guardian, described a phenomenon of an authoritarian society. It replicates master-servant relations not only between the government and the people but also in almost every person-to-person contact: in the streets, at work, at home.

One of his interviewees talks not about a single Mubarak, but a “million Mubaraks” in Egypt. They are the real problem. Looking at the Egyptian society today, the million Mubaraks have become millions of Sisis. This is mostly due to the fact that the prevalent state institutions have remained intact.

via Egypt: How Freedom Finally Arrives – The Globalist.

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