The Emperor’s New Clothes

enc2You’ve more than likely heard the story about the Emperor’s New Clothes.  We often have something very similar in our political world today.  If someone disagrees with a political figure they are likely to be labeled a racist or a sexist to shame them, and to warn others to not contradict this person.  If someone disagrees with a particular issue, or if they call a spade a spade, they are likely labeled an idiot, incompetent, or stupid.

These tactics sometimes work to a degree, but when more and more people get the courage to stand up and speak the truth, even though they might be ridiculed–more and more people begin to get the courage to stand up and speak the truth.

Today you might see something like government person A pushing to purchase these expensive new clothes, government person B suggest that it might be more practical and cost effective to make the clothes with cotton.  Person B will then be labeled as a sexist, racist, or bully to try and discredit them with the public and to try to intimidate them into backing down from their rational position.

Some random person or people in the public will then say that the Emperor is naked.  They will be called an idiot or something else to get them to put their tail between their legs and shut up.  They also do this to cause others to keep from speaking up, for fear of receiving a label.

The good thing in today’s world of information is that anyone can go online, do a little research, and discover for themselves that the Emperor is indeed naked.  It is pretty difficult to stifle the masses when they have access to so much information at their very fingertips.

enc3Thank goodness for the information age!  Now, We the People can stand together and demand that our tax dollars not be spent for expensive political tricks.  We can stand together and demand that those we have entrusted with the sacred duty of representing us, be more responsible with how they spend our hard earned money.

“I wish they would raise my taxes, because they spend my hard earned money much wiser than I would.”  Said NO TAXPAYER EVER!

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