Evan McMullin – Do the facts add up?

Can I ask those who are voting for Evan McMullin if they are aware that he has conflicting statements about his CIA service? On his own website, Evanmcmullin.com, he states he was “spearheading counterterrorism and intelligence operations in some of the most dangerous places on earth,” “in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia.”  When asked by Hugh Hewitt, he claimed that he was an armed undercover operative, paramilitary, in gunfights in the Middle East.  Then he states this in an interview with a reporter: “My main role was to recruit penetrations inside of terrorist groups after 9/11, but also inside foreign governments and recruit those people to work on behalf of the United States secretly.” So, which is it? Was he a gun-slinging paramilitary operative or a manager who recruited spies? I think that question can be answered with a little inference.

Evan McMullin, according to his own words, worked in areas during his CIA career where he would need to speak Arabic if undercover. If he was on the outside, managing, organizing, he may not need those skills. He spent 2001-2011 in the Middle East. He even claims he spent about 6 months in Israel studying Arabic as part of his undergraduate degree. And, he claims that right after graduating he spent several months in Jordan studying Arabic further while he was working as a volunteer refugee resettler. Evan McMullin claims he speaks “beginners Arabic.” When pressed by the media he admitted he was so rusty he could not “claim it” as a language he spoke. BUT, he can fluently speak and understand Portuguese , which he learned while on a mission to Brazil in 1995-1997 (mormon missionaries went at age 19 at that time so he would have left sometime after April 2, 1995, stayed for two years, and returned after 2 years in 1997 ). How is it possible that a language he used 20 years ago for 2 years he’s still fluent in, but a language he supposedly studied for a year, then used for ten he cannot speak any longer?

EM: I used to have Arabic skills. It’s so rusty now that I don’t claim it, Hugh, but certainly, early on, I studied Arabic at Brigham Young University, and studied it for a while in the region in the Middle East, and then used it as I engaged directly with al Qaeda operatives who were working secretly for us, and used it in that context, too.

So which is it? Was he an undercover, on-the-ground, paramilitary, gunslinger who had to have know ARABIC to fit in for 10 years ? Or was he a recruiter? It seems to me his lack of language skills answers that question. He has inflated his image of what his role was to make it more glamorous. That is lying.

Is everyone aware that this is a man that joined the CIA HALFWAY THROUGH HIS COLLEGE CAREER in 1999. He worked for a semester with the CIA, attended college at BYU for a semester, back and forth. So while he attended BYU Israel in 2000 and while he worked resettling refugees in Jordan in 2001 he already was working for the CIA. He states, “My main goal then became to work for the CIA. I decided that that was my purpose in life — to serve with the agency.” While it is widely reported that McMullin LEFT the CIA to pursue a more normal life when he began his business degree at Wharton, this is not at all true. He graduated from Wharton in 2011 AND his supposed retirement from the CIA was in 2011. So he was still at the CIA while getting his business degree? He purportedly went to go work for GOLDMAN SACHS working on these issues: “Investment Banking….where he worked with companies in several industries, including technology, energy, consumer goods, biotech, industrials and real estate on capital raising projects and mergers and acquisitions.” This bank has been in trouble because of the high number of government officials it hires, and they are referred to as “Government Sachs.” It’s interesting that a “former” CIA agent starts to work for “Government Sachs” working on policies and projects that affected technology, energy, biotech, industrials, real estate and mergers and acquisitions. These areas seem like those the government would want to influence through the CIA. Does a man who states the CIA is his main goal in life suddenly quit or does he shift his CIA focus to a more family friendly/private sector life style?

He only worked there a short time and then went to work in different positions in government. These positions had him affecting policy. His pet project is Syria. He believes MORE Syrian refugees should be brought to the United States. He has a very specific, but dangerous, plan for dealing with Syria. He wants to “support allied ground forces through a limited number of American special operations commandos and intense air strikes, embolden allies to conduct the bulk of other ground operations, and push for regime change in Syria.” So, first, he would increase American troops in the region. Second, those “allies” he refers to are Syrian Rebel Forces. He wants to arm them with American weaponry. He has been on several trips to Syria in which he tried to arrange arms deals to these Rebels.

He is adamant that REGIME CHANGE must occur! He states that dictators create terrorists so until you get rid of Syria’s dictator you cannot get rid of the terrorists.

That did not work so well in Lybia. The problem is, no one knows which rebels to arm anymore because they are broken off into so many factions.(See end of CNN video above) He is working with a group called SETF–Syrian Emergency Task Force.

Notice McMullin in Expanded Picture

It is a 501-c3 tax exempt lobbying group tied to Hillary Clinton  that fights for regime change in Syria and Cuba. Their leader is Mouaz Moustafa. Mouaz Moustafa”also worked with the Libyan Revolution. During this period, Mr. Moustafa was the Executive Director of the Libyan Council of North America (LCNA), Political Director of the Libyan Emergency Task Force (LETF), and worked closely with top officials with the Transitional National Council (TNC).” They helped the US topple Ghadaffi in Lybia and were involved in a lot of hanky panky during the Benghazi period.(23,19) Arms were funneled from Lybia to Syria as well as new arms deals being made. You can go to the SEFT website and see that they have retweeted Evan McMullin several times. Further evidence is this. He worked with Rep. Adam Kinzinger to develop these arms deals. See the picture attached above
It was taken March 2014.

Rep. Kinzinger also made a video with CNN (see above) during this visit discussing arming Syrian rebels. He is asked about the risks of arming people who could turn and use weapons on Americans. McMullin is in the video.

Number 5 in these pictures is the leader of LETF/SETF, Mouaz Moustafa.

There are many, many articles and interviews online discussing his position and efforts with Syria and his efforts to influence policy AFTER “leaving” the CIA. I will leave that to each reader to investigate.

Mr. McMullin also wants to put American soldiers in the Baltic states to fight Putin.
“increase America’s military presence in the Baltics in order to deter and reverse Putin’s aggression, rather than pretending that he is a partner for peace in Syria.”

Now, there are other issues. He is not concerned with the makeup of families. He has said it is not a matter of life and so he won’t spend his time trying to fight the supreme court’s decision regarding what constitutes marriage. His mother is married to another woman. I am not saying this should disqualify him, but are you satisfied with a candidate who may have ulterior motives in not defending families?

He states he is on the council on foreign relations.  It is interesting that the current member list does not list him.

McMullin supports TPP. Do you?

Lastly, his whole purpose in joining the presidential race was to stop Trump from winning. It is a COORDINATED effort by a few government officials to stop Trump. He isn’t out to win, he is out to stop Trump. If you are voting for him, you are playing straight into the hands of a select group of government officials that think THEY have the right to determine who should be president. Do you think that this might be the CIA intervening in an American election as they do in other countries? A little fishy, if you ask me. Do you honestly think that a majority of people in the House would choose him if it went to a congressional vote? If that would happen, where’s the list of who would vote for him? If you vote MCMULLIN YOU ARE VOTING HILLARY. Think about what rights you will lose (2nd amendment, religious freedom, protection of life, right to be free from terrorists in our midst, free from corrupt government and so many others), and how your vote may affect your children and generations to come (Supreme Court). Just because he seems great, doesn’t mean he will affect our election and country in a good way.


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