Facts and figures on child migrants heading to US

Central American immigrants get on the so-called La Bestia (The Beast) cargo train, in an attempt to reach the Mexico-US border, in Arriaga, Chiapas state, Mexico on July 16, 2014The arrival of huge numbers of unaccompanied Central American children at the southern US border has overwhelmed authorities in the United States lacking the financial and legal means to curb the illegal influx. President Barack Obama has insisted new arrivals will be sent home, but it remains unclear how much that has done to stem the flow — although officials say the number of apprehended child migrants has decreased recently. The White House said a flight deporting 40 women and children back to Honduras served as a “signal” that new illegal immigrants were not welcome. On Friday, Obama meets with the presidents of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to collaborate on ways to prevent young Central Americans from taking the perilous journey overland through Mexico.

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