Faithful 'hope for change' at final Corbyn rally in London

Supporters cheer ahead of an address by British Labour Party Leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn at the Rock Tower in north London on September 10, 2015Chanting “Jez We Can” and wearing T-shirts celebrating their hero, supporters of Britain’s Labour leadership favourite Jeremy Corbyn crammed into his final campaign rally Thursday after ballots closed in a vote set to upend British politics. Youthful and elderly fans of the 66-year-old socialist rebel said he represented a different kind of politics as he addressed the crowd from a stage in the domed Rock Tower church in Tufnell Park, north London — his home turf. Supporters wore Labour-red rosettes, badges and T-shirts saying “Jeremy Corbyn For Labour Leader” at the gathering, which comes ahead of the announcement Saturday of the leadership election winner.

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