Fears for Libya reserves as rival cabinets lay claim

Libya's Prime Minister Ahmed Miitig holds a press conference in the capital Tripoli on May 21, 2014Rival interim governments are disputing power in Tripoli less than four weeks before a general election, claiming control of Libya’s huge currency reserves from oil and gas. The power struggle is creating a quandary for foreign diplomats as the competing claimants trumpet their meetings as a vindication of their legitimacy. Prime minister Abdullah al-Thani had announced his intention to step down earlier this year after an armed attack on his family but he is insisting that his successor should be chosen by a new parliament rather than its contested predecessor. Prime minister Ahmed Miitig insists his election by the outgoing Islamist-led parliament, largely boycotted by liberals for months, was valid and he has formed a rival administration which met Thursday in a Tripoli luxury hotel.

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