Finding Jesus in a War Zone

An American veteran, Jon, describes his religious journey while deployed overseas: I didn’t feel like I had a choice when it came to religion. Just as a child who has touched a hot stove knows what “hot” is, I knew three things about what just happened to me after I called out to God in one of the darkest moments of my life. I knew he heard me. I knew he knew me. I knew he loved for me. Out of the billions of people on the planet and the vastness of space, I knew the God of the cosmos had just taken a moment to step into my life in a tangible way. In that moment he revealed himself as a real, personal and loving God. That’s why I didn’t feel like I had a choice. There was no going back. I fell to my knees and asked God to take over my life because I had made a hot mess of it. Now, let me back up and give you the details.

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