Voting starts in US polls expected to deal rebuke to Obama

View of the U.S. Capitol where the Democrats currently hold a 55-45 seat advantage in the US Senate, while Republicans control the House of RepresentativesAmericans trooped to the polls Tuesday in key midterm elections, with Republicans expecting to claim the Senate majority on a day of reckoning for Democrats weighed down by an unpopular president. Although many battlegrounds may go down to the wire, Democrats could lose Senate seats in as many as 10 states, a result that would hamstring Barack Obama in his final two years as president. Every president since Ronald Reagan in the 1980s has left office with the opposition party controlling Congress, and Obama — following the costliest-ever midterm, estimated at $4 billion — is likely to be no different. Many Republicans have essentially based their campaigns on attacks against the president and his policies like health care reform.

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