Former Guantanamo detainees seek US damages for 'abuse'

An abandoned camp and tower at the US Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba is viewed in this August 8, 2013 file photoFive former Guantanamo detainees are seeking damages for what they say were years of sexual, mental and physical abuse at the US detention center, where they were held without charge or trial. The men from Turkey, Uzbekistan and Algeria, who are now settled in other countries, alleged Friday at a US appeals court that they were subjected to torture that included forced nudity, sexual harassment and beatings, first in Afghanistan and then at the military jail in Cuba. Justices will make their ruling in several weeks, but one of them, Judge David Tatel, said military and civilian officials at the Pentagon had failed in their duty. Russell Cohen, lawyer for the men, said in the appeal: “From their earliest interactions with US soldiers and interrogators, Mr Celikgogus, Mr Sen, Mr Mert, Mr Hasam and Mr Muhammad were subjected to physical, mental and religious abuse carried out by US soldiers and/or civilians who were under the command authority of officials in the Department of Defense.”

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