Former TV 'Apprentices' denounce Trump White House bid

Former contestant on 'The Apprentice,' Dr. Pinkett, speaks as fellow contestants Dowdell and Jackson look on during a news conference against Republican U.S. presidential candidate Trump in New YorkBy Alana Wise WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A group of former contestants on Donald Trump’s reality television show “The Apprentice” put their old boss in the hot seat on Friday, saying the U.S. Republican front-runner has widened racial divisions and should not be president. Trump’s one-time admirers, most from racial minorities, urged the New York billionaire to tamp down his divisive rhetoric as he campaigns to succeed Democratic President Barack Obama in the Nov. 8 election. “We are all disappointed and in some ways shocked to see what is being spewed from Donald regarding his views on women, immigrants, and the list goes on,” said Randal Pinkett, winner of the 2005 fourth season of the reality television show.

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