France, Germany remember first soldiers killed in WWI

Two actors in French military uniforms hold a wreath during a ceremony to commemorate the two first deaths of World War I, in Joncherey, eastern France, on August 2, 2014Descendants of two soldiers from France and Germany who were the first fatalities of World War I gathered in eastern France on Saturday for a ceremony marking the centenary of their deaths. French Lance Corporal Jules-Andre Peugeot and German Sub-Lieutenant Albert Mayer were both killed on the eve of the outbreak of the 1914-18 war. While Peugeot is remembered in France every year, Saturday’s events were the first time that representatives from the two countries joined a ceremony in memory of both men. The inscription on the stone reads: “More than 30 hours before declaring war on France, Imperial and Royal Germany spilled the first French blood.”

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