France to clamp down on would-be jihadists with new bill

A picture taken on October 29, 2011 shows Air France planes on the tarmac at the Orly airport, outside ParisFrance is set to beef up its anti-terrorism laws on Wednesday to prevent aspiring jihadists from fighting abroad amid concern over the the number of people travelling to Syria. The new bill, part of which was seen by AFP, includes a ban on foreign travel of up to six months for individuals suspected of being radicalised, and gives authorities powers to temporarily confiscate and invalidate their passports. The French government is deeply concerned about the radicalisation of its nationals after hundreds of citizens have gone to fight with jihadists in Syria. According to official estimates, around 800 French nationals or residents — including several dozen women — have travelled to Syria, come back from the conflict-ridden country or plan to go there.

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