French-Algerian killed in Yemen rebel shooting

Yemeni gunmen loyal to the Shiite Huthi movement man a checkpoint in Sanaa on October 30, 2014A French-Algerian was killed and another man was wounded Wednesday in a shooting by Shiite rebels who have overrun the Yemeni capital, security and diplomatic sources said. Both were Salafist students and residents of Sanaa, and “it wasn’t French interests that were targeted” in the shooting, said the Western diplomat. They were stopped at a checkpoint in the capital on suspicion of carrying explosives, leading to an argument in which the French-Algerian stabbed a Shiite rebel before he was shot dead himself, the security source said. The security source said the French-Algerian’s body was taken to a public hospital in the capital while the wounded man was brought by the rebels to a clinic they control.

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