French opposition in turmoil amid 'plot' over Sarkozy

Former French Prime Minister Francois Fillon (R) denies reports he sought to interfere in legal procedures against rival Nicolas Sarkozy (L)France’s former prime minister Francois Fillon Sunday complained of a “plot” against him, amid media revelations he sought to interfere in legal procedures against Nicolas Sarkozy, a rival in the right-wing opposition. Leading daily Le Monde claimed that Fillon had in June urged President Francois Hollande’s chief of staff to push along the several legal complaints against Sarkozy. “Hit him quickly, hit him quickly … you know if you don’t hit him quickly, you’ll see him come back, so do it,” Fillon is alleged to have told Jean-Pierre Jouyet, Hollande’s right-hand man at the Elysee Palace. Fillon has denied this and the former prime minister under Sarkozy’s presidency, who hopes to run as the candidate of the right-wing UMP in the 2017 presidential election, hit out in the Journal du Dimanche weekly.

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