Fundraising Woes for Luz Robles

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Anyone notice that you cannot donate at the website for Luz Robles, Chris Stewart’s challenger in Utah’s 2nd Congressional District?

I’ve tried four times. No dice.

The first time, I messaged her campaign. No response.

Ironically, I was able to contact the campaign the first time because the “SIGN IN” button – the only other one on the website – worked. (Perhaps the campaign is going with that effective strategy of how it is better to shut yourself off from financial supporters than to actually receive money.)

Robles should be encouraged by her chances, due to her resume and reports. She is the director of the Zions Bank Business Resource Center. She’s been a member of the Utah Legislature, representing an area within her district since 2008. Before that, she served in the state office of Ethnic Affairs under former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman.

She is a mainstream candidate, unlike Chris Stewart, radical relative to how well he represents his district.

As a Hispanic, she can sympathize with a rapidly growing an integral demographic to Utah. Most importantly: given her record in the state legislature, she is enthusiastic about making compromises necessary for America to function as it should.

Some have suggested that if she did pull close to equal funding, she would win.

The egregiously embarrassing problem: the current score is approximately Stewart $417,000, Robles $56,000.

Utah’s 2nd Congressional District is heavily Republican, so Stewart should have fundraised more than Robles at this point. But Robles getting out-funded seven-fold is not necessary. (Robles knows it: she’s the one who set a goal of raising $1 million.)

Still, word is that she would pull at least one-third of the vote if the election were today.

No one should be surprised: Hinckley Institute of Politics Director Kirk Jowers, “The Most Quoted Man in Utah Politics,” said she would be a “credible candidate” if she raised half of her goal.

“The race will be far more interesting than Republicans want,” Jowers said. “She is not a sacrificial lamb.” Hinckley’s Tim Chambliss added that she would win if enough of her voters got excited, even though the district has been drawn specifically to favor Republicans.

Perhaps if her website worked as it should, she might be in the ballgame. Perhaps she might even see a spike in donations, as made a ninth-inning rally to end March.

She would need to hope, however, that those willing to pay her to run the team are willing to come to bat for her yet again.

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