Germany's Merkel defends cooperation with US spy agency

The flag on the US embassy and the EU flag on Berlin Reichstag's building in Berlin, where German Chancellor Angela Merkel has insisted her country needs to work with American intelligence agenciesGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday insisted her country needed to work with American intelligence agencies, in the wake of claims Berlin helped the US spy on EU leaders and companies. Merkel’s government has faced growing pressure over the allegations, and while analysts expect the popular leader to weather the scandal, her interior minister has drawn media and opposition fire over the “BND affair”, referring to Germany’s foreign intelligence service. She insisted on Monday that the BND was “under control” and repeated a pledge to testify before a parliamentary inquiry over the activities of the American National Security Agency, were she called to do so. Merkel had previously promised to “clarify” the relationship between the two intelligence agencies.

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