Google denies monitoring accord with Israeli government

The Israeli ministry for foreign affairs has corrected an announcement that -- in error, according to a Google spokesman -- suggested there had been an agreement with the search giant to establish a mechanism to monitor online materialsInternet giant Google on Monday denied a report from Israel’s foreign ministry that it has reached an agreement with the government to jointly monitor YouTube videos inciting attacks. The ministry last week said that Google, which owns YouTube, had agreed a joint mechanism to monitor online materials — including videos encouraging attacks on Israelis — after a meeting between Google executives and the Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely. A Google spokesman told AFP the meeting, in which Hotovely met Google’s senior counsel for public policy, Juniper Downs, and YouTube chief executive Susan Wojcicki, was just “one of many that we have with policymakers from different countries to explain our policies on controversial content, flagging and removals”.

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