Greece aid 'peanuts' compared to what Ukraine needs: Oettinger

EU-Commissioner for Energy German Guenther Oettinger gestures during a press conference, concerning the troubles about gas between Russia and the Ukraine on June 16, 2014 in ViennaGreece’s bailout during the financial crisis would be small change compared to what Ukraine needs to bolster its ailing economy, EU Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger said on Monday. “If we want to help Ukraine — a country with 45 million people — then Greece was peanuts compared to that,” Oettinger said during a visit to Bratislava, Slovakia, which neighbours Ukraine. It will take ten or fifteen years and will require a multi-billion-worth aid and participation of our taxpayers, voters, European Commission, USA, Canada, International Monetary Fund and others,” Oettinger said. Russia cut the flow of gas to Ukraine on Monday after last-ditch talks failed to end a dispute over debts that threatens to disrupt supplies to Europe for the third time in a decade.

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