Guatemalan president was 'Number One' in graft scheme: officials

Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina speaks during the swearing in ceremony of the new Defence Minister William Mancilla, in Guatemala City, August 14, 2015Prosecutors accused Guatemalan President Otto Perez on Friday of being one of the ringleaders of a corruption scandal shaking the country, as police arrested his former vice president. With just over two weeks to go to general elections, prosecutors and officials from a UN investigative commission said they had uncovered extensive evidence implicating Perez and ex-vice president Roxana Baldetti in a massive, highly organized scheme to reduce importers’ customs duties in exchange for bribes. The multimillion-dollar fraud case has upended Guatemalan politics since it erupted in April, felling numerous high-ranking officials, forcing Baldetti’s resignation and now reaching the country’s highest office.

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