Gulf rivals struggle to build anti-jihadist front

A Jihadist media outlet Welayat Raqa image from July 25, 2014, allegedly shows Islamic state militants raising their black and white flag over a building belonging to a Syrian army base in the northern rebel-held city of RaqaGulf countries, while siding with Washington against Islamic State jihadists, are struggling to build a common front because of differences within their own ranks and with non-Arab Iran. US President Barack Obama is sending his Secretary of State John Kerry to the Middle East to try to build strong regional support against IS, which is rampaging through Iraq and Syria. Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal has over the past week been at the centre of diplomatic efforts to stand up to the challenge posed by IS to the status quo. He and his counterparts from Egypt, Qatar and the Emirates held talks on Syria and “the rise of terrorist extremist ideology”, according to an official statement.

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