Hate Crimes Spike in the UK After Brexit Vote

Hate Crimes Spike in the UK After Brexit VoteHate crimes rose 57 percent between last Thursday and Sunday in the U.K. compared to the same time frame last month, according to the National Police Chiefs’ Council, an organization representing British police chiefs, as a populist rage toward immigrants has been unleashed in the wake of the so-called Brexit vote. The final vote on Britain’s EU referendum last week was split 51.9 percent “leave” to 48.1 percent “remain,” and observers have noted that anger toward England’s immigrant and Muslim populations played a significant role in the decision to break away from Europe. The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), a group that represents 500 mosques, schools and associations, released a statement on its website claiming that “over 100 hate incidents” had taken place as a result of the Brexit vote.

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