Hillary Clinton hails Paris climate accord

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton looks on during a campaign event of the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers in St. Louis, Missouri on December 11, 2015Hillary Clinton praised the international climate accord reached in Paris as a triumph over “climate skeptics,” but cautioned that it is just a first step in turning back the “catastrophic consequences” of global warming. “The Paris agreement is testament to America’s ability to lead the world in building a clean energy future where no one is left out or left behind,” Clinton said in a statement Saturday, adding that addressing global warming would be a top agenda item if she is elected president next November. “We will only succeed if we redouble our efforts going forward to drive innovation, increase investment, and reap the benefits of the good-paying jobs that will come from transitioning to a clean energy economy,” the Democratic party’s presidential frontrunner said.

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