Hollande says will ask EU summit to 'work with Turkey' on refugee crisis

Migrants and refugees wait at Istanbul's Esenler Bus Terminal for buses to the Turkish-Greek border after authorities withheld tickets to Turkish border towns on September 16, 2015French President Francois Hollande said Thursday that he will urge a special EU summit next week to help Turkey keep Syrian refugees on its soil until the neighbouring country’s war ends. The European Union must “work with Turkey” in order to “ensure that those who are in Turkey can stay there, work there and have all the resources they need to wait until the situation in Syria is resolved”, Hollande told reporters in Modena, Italy, after holding talks with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Hollande said that aside from pledging assistance to Turkey, leaders attending next Wednesday’s emergency EU summit on Europe’s escalating migrant crisis must also set up “hotspots” or registration centres for asylum seekers.

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