House passes farm bill, crop subsidies preserved

FILE - In this July 9, 2009 file photo three combines harvest the winter wheat on the Cooksey farm near Roggen, Colo. Farm-state lawmakers are pushing for final passage of the massive, five-year farm bill as it heads to the House floor Wednesday — member by member, vote by vote. There are goodies scattered through the bill for members from all regions of the country: a boost in money for crop insurance popular in the Midwest; higher cotton and rice subsidies for Southern farmers; renewal of federal land payments for Western states. There are cuts to the food stamp program — $800 million a year, or around 1 percent — for Republicans who say the program is spending too much money, but they are low enough that some Democrats will support them. (AP Photo/Ed Andrieski, File)WASHINGTON (AP) — Nearing the legislative finish line after more than two years of bickering, the House passed and sent to the Senate Wednesday an almost $100 billion-a-year farm bill containing a mostly symbolic cut in food stamps and preserving most crop subsidies.

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