Human chains, Hollywood heavyweights in global climate rallies

Climate change demonstrators march to demand curbs to carbon pollution in London on November 29, 2015 on the eve of the climate summit in ParisFrom Sydney to London, humid Rio to chilly New York, at least 683,000 hit the streets in 2,300 events across 175 countries at the weekend, co-organiser and campaign group Avaaz said, calling it the largest number of people to protest over climate change all at once. About 50,000 demonstrators gathered in London’s Hyde Park alone, many donning animal costumes to resemble bumblebees, cows, polar bears and exotic fish, while others brandished placards bearing stark warnings. “This is the problem of our generation and the next,” said 37-year-old Frenchwoman Katia Herault in London, who had only a Nemo costume protecting her from pouring rain and howling winds.

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