Hungarian protesters hit out at Orban's 'move towards Russia'

A demonstrator holds a placard with a message for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, 'Delete Viktor', during a protest in front of the Hungarian National Opera in Budapest, January 2, 2015Thousands of Hungarians protested Friday at what they see as the country’s move towards Russia in the latest demonstration against the government of controversial Prime Minister Viktor Orban. The demonstrators, who gathered in front of the Budapest opera house, voiced concern over what they see as Hungary drifting away from the West to forge closer ties with its former Communist ruler. “It is disturbing to see that the Orban government is exposing Hungary to Russian influence,” Robert Gombkoto, a 61-year-old manager, told AFP, citing a 10 billion euro ($12 billion) loan from Russia to Hungary to expanding a nuclear plant.

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