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I’m not a Democrat. I’m an anti-Republican.

The return of Benghazi is the latest evidence that the GOP is putting its unhinged obsessions before the good of the country

By Damon Linker | May 13, 2014

Back in March 2013, I wrote a column titled, “Why I am no longer a Republican.” A more accurate (though admittedly more ponderous) title would have been, “One important reason among many that I am no longer a Republican.”

That important reason was the Iraq War, which I never supported and which the Bush administration and its legion of defenders in Washington and around the country justified in terms that struck me at the time as highly ideological, fundamentally anti-empirical, and more than a little paranoid. Let’s just say that nothing that happened after the initial invasion persuaded me that my original instincts were wrong.

If the Iraq War debacle had been an isolated incident — one that Republicans forthrightly acknowledged as a mistake and showed signs of learning from — it’s possible that I wouldn’t have bolted the party.

But it wasn’t an isolated incident. It was the start of a whole new era for the GOP — an era in which the stridently ideological, anti-empirical, and paranoid tendencies that gained the upper hand in the run-up to the Iraq War (and which had always been present in certain factions of the conservative movement) infected the party from top to bottom, corrupting its thinking on foreign and domestic policy and inspiring its lockstep opposition to the Obama administration’s governing agenda from day one.

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