Impressions of Presidential Candidate Fred Karger

Presidential Candidate Fred Karger with Jordan Carl Hunt

Meeting Presidential Candidate Fred Karger is like meeting an old friend; he’s relaxed, calm, and welcoming. I didn’t feel like I was meeting the Presidential type who demanded your attention. However, it became very clear to me after meeting him that he has a very important message—we have lost part of our spirit that makes us American.

According to some, Karger wouldn’t be the first gay President. Suspicions about Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon and James Buchanan aren’t uncommon. However, half the country is against same sex marriage. Today, an openly gay man doesn’t have a chance at the White House. What kind of world would we have to live in to have an openly gay President? A more American, America—one that values liberty, justice, and equality. The values that make up the American spirit. These are the values that have been lost. These are the values Karger wants to see in America.
More than anything, Karger is prepared—he already has his birth certificate on his campaign website.

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Jordan Carl Hunt
Jordan Carl Hunt was born and raised with his 4 siblings in Southern Utah. He now resides in Logan, Utah where is attending Utah State University. In 2009, Jordan co-founded a student food pantry. Jordan is currently serving as the Academic Senate President at USU. 

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