Indian govt sending 'chilling message' on environment: Greenpeace

Greenpeace International's director Kumi Naidoo speaks with AFP during an interview in New Delhi on November 10, 2014Moves by India’s new right-wing government to block Greenpeace funds and weaken environmental protection laws send a “chilling message”, the head of the lobby group said Monday, as he urged the prime minister to release the money. Kumi Naidoo also called on India not to lose sight of the environment in its campaign to boost economic growth, saying the country of 1.2 billion had a leading role to play in saving the planet. New Delhi tightened controls on foreign fund transfers to Greenpeace India in June after the Intelligence Bureau accused activist groups of “stalling development projects” by protesting against power projects, mining and genetically modified food. The Greenpeace executive director urged against governing “in a way where we pretend as if we don’t have children and their children coming afterwards” and said leaders should not be driven purely by “the tyranny of quarterly reporting cycles where businesses have to show profit”.

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