Iran: Pressure on the president

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For Hassan Rohani, delivering a deal on nuclear weapons is vital



SINCE he became Iran’s president two years ago Hassan Rohani has transformed the tone of his country’s relations with the West. But he has had a tougher time charming his own people. Iranians are tired of the sanctions that have blighted the economy, bringing both unemployment and inflation. Millions of young Iranians now want change. An agreement to end the row with the outside world over Iran’s nuclear weapons could be the start of it: talks on the deal are in their closing stages in Vienna, supposedly to a deadline of June 30th, but one that is liable to slip a few days more.
For Mr Rohani, a cleric with the common touch, there are big risks. His opponents—he has acquired many in the past two years—fear the adulation a nuclear deal could bring the 66-year-old, and will want to see him fail. “He really could be the history man, who solved the nuclear crisis,” says a longtime friend, explaining that Mr Rohani, then a …

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