Iraq area retaken, but destruction and anger remain

A member of the Iraqi Pro-government forces walks in front of flames rising on the horizon in Jurf al-Sakhr, south of Baghdad, on October 27, 2014Jurf al-Sakhr (Iraq) (AFP) – A column of grey smoke drifts up from a burning building in Jurf al-Sakhr, south of Baghdad, while the broken roofs of some houses slope down into piles of rubble. Iraqi leaders including Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi hailed the expulsion of Islamic State (IS) jihadist group fighters from Jurf al-Sakhr as a major victory, and state TV broadcast days of coverage from the area. “This area represented an important location for (IS),” Karim al-Nuri, an adviser to Badr militia commander Hadi al-Ameri, told AFP in Jurf al-Sakhr. Badr and other Shiite militias played a key role alongside security forces in the fight to retake Jurf al-Sakhr.

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