Iraq launches drive to break jihadist siege of Amerli

Peshmerga fighters' miltary vehicles are positioned at their post in the strategic Jalawla area, in Diyala province, which is a gateway to Baghdad, on August 25, 2014Iraq has launched a major operation to liberate a jihadist-besieged town, as US Secretary of State John Kerry called for a global coalition to combat the “genocidal” militants. Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah warned that the West would be the next Islamic State (IS) target unless swift action is taken, after Britain raised its terror alert level over the threat of jihadist attacks. The drive to break the more than two-month siege of Amerli, north of Baghdad, came as an NGO said that the IS jihadist group, which has surrounded the Shiite Turkmen-majority town, sold at least 27 women in Syria after kidnapping them in Iraq.

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