Iraq says death toll in June highest since May 2007

Members of the Al-Abbas brigades, who volunteered to protect the Shiite Muslim holy sites in Karbala against Sunni militants, parade in the streets of the Shrine city on June 26, 2014Nearly 2,000 people were killed in Iraq this month, the highest figure since May 2007, according to government figures released on Monday. Figures compiled by the ministries of health, interior and defence showed that a total of 1,922 people died in June — 1,393 civilians, 380 soldiers and 149 policemen. A further 2,610 people were wounded, the figures showed, including 1,745 civilians, 644 soldiers and 221 policemen. Iraqi forces wilted in the face of the initial assault, which saw major cities such as Mosul and Tikrit fall out of government control, but soldiers, police and allied fighters have since performed more capably.

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