Iraqi gains reveal huge scale of IS arms industry

Ammunition, a homemade armoured car and mortars launchers confiscated from Islamic State group jihadists are displayed on the ground in the town of Qaraqosh, 30 kms east of Mosul, after Iraqi forces recaptured it from the groupFactories churning out tens of thousands of munitions and an entire street turned into a conveyor belt for car bombs: advances by Iraqi forces around Mosul have laid bare the scale of the Islamic State group’s arms industry. In the more than two years since it seized control over swathes of the country, IS established a sprawling and highly organised system that experts say no other insurgent group has matched. The capability has seriously boosted the threat from the group as it battles ferociously to cling to territory in Iraq and Syria — and the fresh intelligence could now prove vital in countering its plots to carry out attacks on the West.

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