IS captures Jordanian pilot after plane crashes over Syria

A still image released by the Islamic State group's branch in Raqa on jihadist websites on December 24, 2014 purportedly shows a Jordanian pilot captured by IS group's fighters after they shot down his warplaneThe Islamic State group captured a Jordanian pilot Wednesday after his warplane from the US-led coalition crashed while on a mission against the jihadists over Syria. A senior Jordanian military official said the pilot was taken hostage by the “IS terrorist organisation” in its northern stronghold region of Raqa. Both the jihadists and activists reporting to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the plane was hit by an anti-aircraft missile. US Central Command, the body overseeing the coalition air war over Iraq and Syria, gave no reason for the “crash”, and confirmed IS militants had taken the lost jet’s Jordanian pilot captive.

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