IS jihadists carry out mass killings of Iraqi tribe

A member of the Iraqi security forces keeps watch on the main highway near Ramadi, Anbar's provincial capital, west of Baghdad on August 14, 2014The Islamic State group has carried out a fresh wave of mass killings, officials said Sunday, executing more than 200 members of an Iraqi tribe which took up arms against the jihadists. Women and children were said to be among scores of Albu Nimr tribespeople executed over the past 10 days in western Iraq’s Anbar province. IS, a Sunni extremist group that has seized large parts of Iraq and Syria, is expected to target Ashura pilgrims, and 13 people died in an attack on Shiites on Sunday. The executions in Anbar came after Sunni Albu Nimr tribesmen took up arms against IS in the province, large parts of which have been overrun by the jihadists.

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