Islamist party says trails secular rival after Tunisia vote

Tunisian election officials prepare their work at a vote counting center following the country's first parliamentary election since the 2011 revolution in the capital Tunis on October 27, 2014Tunisia’s Islamist Ennahda party said Monday it had finished behind its secular rival in a general election seen as critical for democracy in the cradle of the Arab Spring. The first parliamentary election since Tunisia’s 2011 revolution pitted Ennahda against secular opponent Nidaa Tounes, with an array of leftist and Islamist groups also taking part. “They (Nidaa Tounes) are ahead by around a dozen seats,” Ennahda spokesman Zied Laadhari told AFP. Nidaa Tounes, whose name means “Call of Tunisia”, had boasted on Facebook that it had bested its long-dominant Islamist rival.

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