Israel, Gaza and human rights: Fear of isolation

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The right to die

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Israel, Gaza and human rights


The UN’s latest report on last year’s war in Gaza makes Israel nervous

IN UNDER a week, Israel looks set to have suffered two testing legal assaults. First, on June 22nd, the UN Human Rights Council issued a report castigating it for its conduct during the 50-day war in Gaza last year. Then three days later the Palestinians, taking advantage of an enhanced status at the UN that enabled them to join the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague earlier this year, were expected to make their first formal submission to the court’s prosecutor, accusing Israel of breaching international law by, among other things, building Jewish settlements in the West Bank. They also charge Israel with committing war crimes in Gaza.
The ICC has already opened a “preliminary examination” against Israel; moving to a full investigation, with charges against individuals, may take years. Israel refused to co-operate with the UN inquiry, saying the council is biased against it and …

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