Italian protester climbs St Peter's Basilica — again

Marcello Di Finizio, an Italian entrepreneur, stands on the ledge of St Peter's facade to protest the so-called Bolkestein directive on December 21, 2014, at the VaticanA disgruntled Italian entrepreneur on Sunday climbed the facade of St Peter’s Basilica in an anti-EU protest, marking the fifth time the man has scaled the ornate building to highlight his country’s economic woes. The man, identified as Marcello di Finizio, perched on a ledge some 80 metres (260 feet) above the ground, securing himself with a rope tied to a statue, an AFP journalist saw. Di Finizio was demonstrating against a European Union directive that will see Italy auction off licences to run businesses on the seafront. In other protests in recent years, Di Finizio managed to climb onto the basilica’s famed dome at the Vatican on four separate occasions.

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