Jewish MP on Arab Israeli slate rejects 'traitor' label

Jewish Israeli MP Dov Khenin looks on as he meets with locals during a visit to the city of Laqiya, north of the southern Israeli city of Beersheva, on February 17, 2015As a Jewish Israeli Communist running for election under an Arab banner, Dov Khenin is often the butt of jokes. In a country where most of the electorate leans to the right, the 57-year-old member of a Communist party that includes both Jewish and Arab lawmakers is used to threats and hate mail. “I’ve been subjected to many threats,” the father-of-three told AFP, saying that during last year’s 50-day war between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza, the state security services had to protect him and his family. “It wasn’t a pleasant situation… but it wasn’t enough to make me change my views,” he told AFP while campaigning in the Bedouin village of Laqiya in Israel’s southern Negev desert.

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