Jihadists behead Iraq Kurdish fighter: monitor

President of Iraqi Kurdistan autonomous region, Massud Barzani, talks to AFP during an interview in the northern Kurdish city of Arbil, on October 12, 2013The jihadist Islamic State group has posted video of the execution of a captured Kurdish fighter, in a warning to Iraqi Kurdish leaders to end military cooperation with Washington, a monitoring group said. The United States has carried out a wave of air strikes against the jihadists in northern Iraq, helping Kurdish forces to claw back ground lost to the militants earlier this month. The video, titled “A message in blood to the leaders of the American-Kurdish alliance,” opens with 15 men in orange jumpsuits standing around the IS flag. Three of the men ask Kurdish regional president Massud Barzani “and the Kurdish government to end their relationship with the US… military intervention in northern Iraq,” the SITE Intelligence Group monitoring service said.

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