Jim Matheson Mia Love Debate Who Won?

Here is a link to the Jim Matheson Mia Love debate.

Who won in last night’s debate between Jim Matheson and Mia Love?  The PoliticIt team used some tools from our new PoliticIt Politician software to analyze the debate.  Here are the results:

Jim Matheson’s It Score fell .14 points relative to Mia Love’s It Score during the debate indicating that Love slightly increased her probability of winning.

Twitter offered some surprising data as well:

The above graph indicates that on the 27th Love received almost 8 times as much conversation about her relative to Matheson.

The above graph indicates that the tone for both candidates was about equal during the debate at a positive number of 4.  This means that overall conversation about both candidates was mediocrely positive throughout the debate.  Notice, however, that the following day people were talking negatively in regard to Matheson as indicated by his poor tone score of -10.  The day prior to the debate Matheson had primarily positive conversation while most of the conversation surrounding Mia Love was neutral.

During the debate we took screen shots of data that reveal some interesting points of insight.

Pre-Debate 6:25pm

The most prominent hashtag used throughout the debate was #KSLDebate.  Mia Love’s data appears in green while Jim Matheson’s data appears in blue.  Mia Love was mentioned so much pre-debate relative to Jim Matheson that Matheson’s statistics didn’t even appear when the #KSLDebate hashtag was used.  This may suggest a high level anticipation for Mia Love or an overwhelming support for her on Twitter.  Matheson and Love were almost equal when the most prominent Utah political hashtag was used (#utpol).

The below pie-charts show that Love was mentioned more, tweeted more, and hashtags were used more frequently when referencing her pre-debate.

Here is a screen shot of some of the tweets going on at that time:

Post-Debate 7:00pm

Love was still mentioned more when users were using the #KSLDebate hashtag. 

The below pie-charts show indicate that tweets, mentions, and hashtags used in conjunction with Jim Matheson greatly improved, but Love still proportionally dominated. From an observer’s perspective, the increase in ratio of mentions Jim Matheson received indicates that he performed well. 

Here is a screen shot of some of the tweets going on at that time:

Here are screen shots of twitter conversation taken throughout the debate for those that missed it:












Who do you think won the debate?  Comment below.

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  1. Wow impressive. I love that you gave so much info.
    I think Mia love own it. My husband never got a student loan. He worked and we had a baby. I heard that people are not paying back their loans. I think she did a good job saving Saratogs springs from Going Bankrupt. And Saratoga springs and crime. Give me a break.