Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan on Digital Influence

Paul Ryan

Mitt Romney recently announce his VP choice in Paul Ryan, so we decided to see how Mitt’s pick stacks up with Barack Obama’s running mate Joe Biden. Let’s take a look at a few indicators on the level of digital influence each candidate has.

It Score

Paul Ryan 56
Joe Biden 44


Joe Biden | 355,459 likes
Paul Ryan | 208,075 likes

Joe Biden | 17,423 talking about this
Paul Ryan | 6,084 talking about this


Paul Ryan | 188,377 followers
Joe Biden | 104,837 followers

Paul Ryan Twitter Word Cloud

Joe Biden Twitter Word Cloud

Twitter Follower Growth


Paul Ryan | 1,728,105 article views in the last 90 days
Joe Biden | 309,439 article views in the last 90 days

Google Trends

Paul Ryan

Joe Biden

Paul Ryan | As high as 25.0 on Google Trends Search Volume index
Joe Biden | As high as 6.0 on Google Trends Search Volume index

Points of interest

We ran It Scores for presidential candidates on August 10 and got the following results:

Barack Obama: 49.6

Ron Paul: 12.6

Mitt Romney: 27.85

Gary Johnson: 1

On August 11 with Mitt’s running mate was announced, the It Scores changed in favor of Barack Obama and Ron Paul although Mitt Romney still has the highest It Score among Republican presidential candidates:

Barack Obama: 53.3

Ron Paul: 13

Mitt Romney: 27.2

Gary Johnson: 1

Prior to a few days before the election, Paul Ryan generated far fewer queries on Google and individuals talking about him on Facebook. However, on August 11, Paul Ryan saw a surge on the level of interest individuals showed in him — many of whom appear to have been attempting to learn more about him. His Wikipedia article saw more than 1.1 million views that day alone — more than three times the traffic Joe Biden has seen in the last three months combined.

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