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Debate Analysis
What if there was a way to measure a debate’s success based upon data collected from social networks and the internet instead of relying upon the opinion of political commentators or journalists…well now there is.

The PoliticIt team diligently spent the evening collecting data regarding each candidate in an attempt to find out who the internet voted to be the winner of last night’s debate.  This blog is focused completely on Jon Huntsman.

If you want to see who won the debate click here.  If you want to see another candidate just click on their name: Mitt RomneyMichele BachmannHerman Cain, Newt GingrichRon PaulRick PerryRick Santorum.

The PoliticIt team focused on 2 areas of measurement: Twitter, and Intrade.


The following graphs show whether Twitter activity about Jon Huntsman during the debate was positive or negative for the following Hashtags and @tags: #Huntsman, #JonHuntsman, @JonHuntsman.

Notice how all of his tags were positive.  This means that the

majority of people on Twitter were saying good things about

Huntsman.  If we average out the values then Jon Huntsman

 receives a Twitter score of 3.6.  This puts Huntsman in last

 place for his Twitter Score.


Intrade is a place where people can buy shares in the probability of a candidate winning an election.  If the price of a share goes up then the candidate is doing good, whereas, if the price of a share plummets then a candidate is doing bad.

Intrade traders did not trade on Huntsman during the debate.  This likely indicates that traders felt the debate had a neutral effect on the probability of Huntsman being elected.  This puts Huntsman in 5th place for his Intrade Score.

Extra Twitter Stats (approximate):

Top Retweeters Top Positive Tweeters
Women4Huntsman 63 Women4Huntsman 8
tmdziedzic 30 Paula_Dockery 8
JonHuntsman12 18 tinklebott 4
elabra 18 CarolineWren 3
mneuberger 17 David_Architect 3

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