Juncker says no 'best friend' of big business after tax uproar

New European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker at a press conference on November 5, 2014 in BrusselsEuropean Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker said Wednesday he was no “best the friend of big business” following an uproar over huge tax breaks agreed with top global companies when he was Luxembourg premier. Breaking his silence on the affair, an under-fire Juncker went on the counter-offensive by announcing the Commission, the EU executive arm, would “push for (tax) harmonisation and fair rules among all”. “Do not describe me as the best friend of big business, big business has much better friends in this house,” Juncker told lawmakers in the European Parliament, where he made a surprise appearance that triggered boos from far-right parties. “I have said that the Commission would fight tax evasion and fiscal fraud,” Juncker said as he faced a barrage of journalists’ questions.

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