Kerry heads to India seeking economic gains

US Secretary of State John Kerry walks across the tarmac after arriving at Andrews Air Force Base on December 17, 2014 in Andrews Air Force Base, MarylandUS Secretary of State John Kerry left for India on his first foreign trip of 2015, with a heavy focus on trade and investment with the South Asian economic giant. His tour will also take him to Geneva for talks Wednesday with his Iranian counterpart on Iran’s nuclear program, before he makes his first visit as the top US diplomat to Bulgaria later in the week. It will be Kerry’s second trip to India in six months, as the two allies have worked to repair ties which frayed badly early last year in a spat over the deportation of an Indian diplomat. He will also be paving the way for a visit to the South Asian nation by President Barack Obama later this month who will be the country’s special guest for the Republic Day celebrations.

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